WR Sweettrees Patriot JH WC x Folklaur Sweet Violet CGC TDI

Folklaur Ticonderoga Mtn Boy

March 4, 1998 ~ August 25, 2011
WR Sweettrees Patriot JH WC x Folklaur Sweet Violet CGC TDI

Owned and Cherished by Trish, Bob and Emily Romano.

Born December 24, 1998

Folklaur James Madison
                       "Madison"    September 2010 at 11 1/2 years
Beloved Companion of the Mike and Joan Zwier
December 24, 1998 ~ May 7, 2014

                       12th Birthday 2010                    Crabbing on July 4th at 121/2 years young        
13th Birthday 2011                                   Sept. 2012

Feb 2013 at 14 Years Old

March 2013 - trying to save the last bit of snow!
Hi Laura, With a heavy heart and tears in my eye's our spectacular James MADISON has passed away May 7th. I just want to say is that He was one brightest and one of my best friend my life. Joni and I will never forget him and all the joy and excitement that went with that beautiful Lab, He will always be with me! Again thank you for bringing great gifts world!. Sincerely, Michael & Joan

Folklaur Nathan Hale
August 1999                              "Nathan"                                  April 2002
December 24, 1998 ~ January 12, 2012
Beloved Companion of George and the late Dawn Laubenstein

Folklaur Dolly Madison
April 2002                                    "Dolly"                                 December 2007
December 24, 1998 - September 15, 2008
OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal / CERF Clear 2001 / (By)
Owned and Loved by Nancy Fleming and Family

Folklaur Betsy Ross
October 22, 2008                                     "Latte"                              June 2004 with Lily
December 24, 1998 - October 23, 2008
Owned and Loved by Debbi and Richard Tompeck and Family

Folklaur Ben Franklin

December 24, 1998 - November 23, 2006
Beloved Companion of The Borda Family

Folklaur Crispus Attucks

April 2002                                                      "Shiloh"
January 2010                              At 12 Years
December 24, 1998 - February 26, 2011
Beloved Companion of Nina Woods

Folklaur Abigail Adams
               The Protector                                                         December 2003                                                              December 2004
Beloved Companion of the Ted and Kelly Neuberger and Family
Laura. I am so sorry to have to let you know, our sweet Abby is no longer with us. She fell ill some time ago suffering from multiple maladies, with the primary illness being Cushing’s syndrome.  Kelly and I will always cherish the memories of our girl and we are grateful for all you have done to be a part of bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives. Kind regards, Ted & Kelly

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